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Top 10 Tips to Crack NDA Exam in First Attempt

Top 10 Tips to Crack NDA Exam in First Attempt

Tips to Crack the NDA Exam in First Attempt. Cracking the NDA exam in the first attempt is a big deal. It takes some serious planning and preparation to make it happen. Lots of candidates try to pass the exam on their first attempt. However, only a few candidates passed the exam on the first attempt with accurate planning and excellent preparation. Some candidates need a few tries, while others get success on their first shot. So, the question is: How can you crack the NDA exam on your first attempt?

In this article, we will talk about the tips and tricks for clearing the NDA exam on the first attempt. For this, you need some planning to make a study schedule and strategies. Parmanu Defence Academy will help you to guide the preparation for the NDA exam. We will tell you the Top 10 Tips to Crack the NDA Exam in First Attempt

Before delving into the tips, it is important to understand the NDA exam pattern and syllabus. The NDA exam consists of two papers – Mathematics and General Ability Test. The Mathematics exam includes Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, etc. While the General Ability Test covers English, General Knowledge, and Science.

Top 10 Tips to Crack NDA Exam in First Attempt

We have curated a list of Tips to Crack the NDA Exam on the First Attempt which will help you for your bright successful future.

1. Understand the NDA Exam Pattern  

It is important to understand the NDA exam pattern for further planning. Once you know about the whole selection process of NDA. The second step is to understand the exam pattern. The NDA exam consists of two papers – Mathematics and General Ability. These papers contain objective-type questions on 900 marks. After clearing the exam candidates have to appear for the SSB interview, which also contains 900 marks. 

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2. Create a Study Plan

To crack the NDA exam on the first attempt, you have to create an effective study plan that helps you to prepare well. This tip to crack the NDA exam is an effective study plan that includes all the topics covered in the NDA exam. Give sufficient time to each subject and revise all topics regularly. Divide your syllabus into easily manageable sections and give a specific time for each subject. Don’t forget to take regular breaks in your study schedule to keep your mind fresh and focused.

3. Solve Previous Year Question Papers

Previous year’s question papers will effectively help you to crack the NDA exam. By solving these question papers you will familiarize yourself with the exam pattern and learn to complete the exam in a given time. This will help you to prepare and strategize your study plan and material. Additionally, it will help you to solve the mathematics section by shortcut which will boost your ability to score well in mathematics. 

4. Check Cut-offs 

It is important to check the previous 4 years’ cut-offs for the NDA exam. This will help you to understand the competition levels. By this, you can create your study plan and strategies accordingly and focus on your weak hold subjects. 

5. Time Management

Time management is the most important tip to crack the NDA exam. If you want to clear in with only one attempt, you should learn time management. This will help you effectively to crack the exam. Time management is necessary not only for preparation but also for attempting the question paper. 

6. Stay Updated with Current Affairs

One of the key factors for cracking the NDA exam is staying up to date with current affairs. It not only helps you in the exam but also in the interview. For this, you should watch the news, and events and read newspapers daily. You can also install the Parmanu Defence App to get detailed notes on current affairs.

7. Practice Regularly

It is important to practice regularly for better preparation. Regularly revise all covered topics by you. Keep the main focus on solving the mathematical problems. This will increase your speed for clearing the exam in the given time. Keep practicing writing for the exam and speaking for the interview. 

8. Improve English Skills

English is an important part of the NDA exam. Focus on improving your grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension skills. Do regular practice for speaking. One of the best options to improve English is to read English newspapers daily. This also helps you to gain general knowledge for attempting the NDA exam.

9. Stay Calm During the Exam

When your exam is near, try to keep calm. Also do exercise daily to keep your mind healthy. This will also help you to stay calm. On the day of the exam, stay calm and focused. Manage your time wisely and attempt the questions with a clear mind. Avoid unnecessary stress and trust in your preparation to give your best performance.

10. Join Coaching Institute

A coaching institute can greatly support your success in cracking the NDA exam on the first attempt. You can take regular classes or daily online classes to prepare well.

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You can go to Parmanu Defence Academy. Our faculty team will guide you through all the skills and strategies to clear the NDA Exam.


Cracking the NDA exam on your first attempt requires a lot of dedication, hard work, and strategic preparation. By following these tips to crack the NDA exam, you can enhance your chances of success. You can fulfil your dreams of serving the nation through the National Defence Academy.

Parmanu Defence Academy can effectively help you in the preparation of the NDA exam. Cracking the NDA exam is possible with Parmanu Defence Academy. We are known as the leading coaching institute in Dehradun for providing the best coaching for the NDA exam. We will help you prepare the exam with specially designed study material,  detailed notes, mock tests, doubt-removal sessions, personalized attention, individual reviews, and many more facilities.

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