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10 Best SSB Coaching Institutes in India

10 Best SSB Coaching Institutes in India

Are you looking to join the armed forces and seek the best SSB coaching institutes in India? Look no further! The SSB courses are designed to prepare aspiring candidates for a tough selection process. This exam is an important step towards joining the Indian Army, Navy, or Air Force. The SSB course covers a wide range of topics, including intelligence tests, psychological assessments, group discussions, and personal interviews. We have curated a list of the top 10 institutes in India that will provide you with the necessary training and guidance to crack the SSB interview.

List of The 10 Best SSB Coaching Institutes in India

The SSB coaching institutes not only provide the training for clearing the SSB interview but also help to develop the OLQs (Officer Like Qualities) in the candidates. To get a successful career in minimum attempts, the SSB coaching institute plays a crucial role. Here is the list of the 10 Best SSB Coaching Institutes in India which will help you to select the best SSB coaching institute for yourself:

1. Parmanu Defence Academy

In the list of 10 Best SSB Coaching Institutes in India, Parmanu Defence Academy leads the list. With the 14-day (108 hrs) training schedule, Parmanu Defence Academy gives 14 different task training every respective day. Plus, daily classes in spoken English, physical fitness, current affairs, and motivational videos. We regularly introduce recommended students to our every student batch for more motivation. 

Faculty members at Parmanu Defence Academy are highly qualified and experienced retired officers which helps students to prepare with more focus. We gave our students 12 hours of faculty assistance. Each group will allotted individual mentors. In addition, our coaching campus has the facility of air-conditioned classes, a fully equipped library, hotel with a mess. We provide our students with an SSB-like environment that helps them to think and live more practically. 

Key Highlights

  • Highly experienced faculty members
  • Complete SSB course for 14 days
  • Screening tests, mock practice, and feedback
  • Special classes on self-description
  • Regular Feedback for Personal Development
  • Mock interviews
  • OIR training
  • Motivational lectures by retired officers
  • Doubt Sessions for every topic
  • Physical fitness 

2.  Minerva Academy

Founded by Lt. Col Deol, MINERVA ACADEMY stands as one of the oldest and most reputable institutions for SSB interviews since 1955. The academy offers training for various positions within the Indian Armed Forces. The institute has a top-quality infrastructure which is complete with a mess and hostel. Their highly qualified faculty team focuses on practical and systematic teaching methods, which ensures the best training experience for SSB candidates. In addition, the institute has a fully equipped basketball court, football ground, obstacle course, and expansive open grounds to promote the overall fitness of the students.

Key Highlights

  • 10 days SSB course available
  • Trained 40000+ successful officers
  • Motivational videos & classes
  • Current affair session
  • Physical fitness training sessions
  • Games and sports periods
  • Hostel facility available with security 

3. Olive Green Institute

The Olive Greens Institute offers coaching for the SSB (Service Selection Board) exam that helps the students for prepare future roles in the Indian defense force. The institute provides intensive and interactive courses that are specially designed for the complete development of the students. The SSB package includes study materials, lectures, and booklets that are invaluable resources for SSB exam preparation. Mentorship and feedback are also provided to the students to enhance their exam performance and promote success in the interview process. 

Key Highlights

  • 2 Weeks SSB Training Program
  • Daily refreshments 
  • Advanced study material
  • Provide SSB pocketbooks
  • Comfortable accommodation for both girls & boys 

4. General Ranjit Academy 

General Ranjit Singh SSB Coaching Academy, situated in Gurgaon. The academy provides coaching for a wide range of defense SSB interviews which helps the students to prepare for entrance exams such as AFCAT, NDA & NA, and CDSE, among others. Retd. Major General (Dr.) Ranjit Singh AVSM, VSM, is the founder of this coaching institute. The academy provides 12 days of SSB coaching. The reviews from past students say that the academy helps them to a successful career. 

Key Highlights

  • Special focus on personality development
  • Latest screening tests
  • Experienced Faculty members
  • GTO task available
  • Hostel facility available

5. Anupam Defence Academy

Anupam Defence Academy in Lucknow is recognized for its SSB coaching. The academy was founded in 1984 by Retd Col. O.P. Bahukhandi and supported by Retd Col. P.S Pathak. Anupam Defence Academy has a learning environment and expertise of the faculty, which is the reason behind the success of their students. The faculty members help to build confidence in aspiring students, who may otherwise struggle. The study materials which are provided to students are carefully curated and simplified for improved understanding.

Key Highlights

  • Highly experienced faculty team with ex-officers
  • Regular periodic tests are held for practice
  • Curricular and extracurricular activities available
  • Daily physical trainings are given to students

6. Siegwald Academy

The Siegwald Leadership and Training Academy is located in Kolkata. This academy is reputed for providing training for candidates preparing for the SSB and written exams for the Armed Forces, including NDA, CDS, AFCAT, and TA. They also give leadership training modules to the candidates. Siegwald Academy offers both indoor and outdoor training facilities. In addition, the academy offers classes on improving English conversation skills and building confidence to enhance the chances of success in SSB interviews.

Key Highlights

  • Faculty include ex SSb presidents, GTOs, and Psychologists
  • Exceptional record of successful student 
  • Open space for outdoor tasks
  • Specially training for GDs and various SSB tasks

7. The Lakshya Academy

The Lakshya Academy is one of the well-known academies for Best SSB Coaching Institute in India. The Academy’s faculty have retired armed force officers who give shape to the student’s success. They focus on fulfilling the unique needs of every student and ensure that they receive the proper guidance and support from them. The Lakshya Academy takes regular mock tests for better practice for the candidates. Also, give them assignments to work on their weak parts.

Key Highlights

  • 253,085 enrolled students
  • Expert Faculty
  • State-of-the-Art Infrastructure
  • Regular Mock Tests and Assignments
  • Outdoor task training

8. Target Defence Academy

Target Defence Academy offers comprehensive coaching for the SSB exam, ensuring that the students are well-trained to face the challenges of the SSB interview. The expert faculty team provides guidance and support to help candidates build the necessary skills and confidence to succeed in the SSB selection process.

Key Highlights

  • The faculty team includes ex-officers
  • Free study material provided by experts
  • Available classes in Online and offline mode 
  • Special focus on Personality development
  • Hostel facility available 

9. Baaloni Academy

Located in Delhi, Baaloni Academy is recognized as a top coaching center for the SSB exam in India. This is also known as Major HS Kalsi’s Baaloni Academy. With a faculty including retired defence professionals and experts, Baaloni Academy ensures support and mentorship for its students. Baaloni Academy is a well-known choice for aspiring candidates. The institution has modern classrooms and a well-equipped library with a learning atmosphere. 

Key Highlights

  • Available ground for Obstacle training
  • Latest screening tests
  • Phycological test practice
  • Latest SSB study material
  • SSB batch for all women
  • Complete SSB – Phycology, GTO and Interview

10. Col. Khandekar’s Eagle Academy

Col. Khandekar’s Eagle Academy is known for its excellent track record of success. The academy helps candidates crack the SSB exam and secure a successful career in the armed forces. With experienced trainers and state-of-the-art facilities, the academy ensures that every candidate is well-prepared to face the challenges of the SSB course.

Key Highlights

  • Expert faculty members
  • Special focus on all-over development
  • Personalized coaching for individuals
  • Realistic mock tests


The right choice for SSB coaching can significantly impact your chances for a successful career. Making the right decision in choosing a coaching for SSB is important. With the mentioned list of 10 Best SSB Coaching Institutes in India, you can choose the best coaching institute for SSB for you. 

Parmanu Defence Academy is a well-reputed SSB coaching academy in India. If you are aspiring to become a successful officer seeking the best coaching for SSB, Parmanu Defence Academy is the best choice for you. 

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