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Why Parmanu Defence

Why Parmanu Defence

Parmanu Defence is India’s Best Armed forces Preparatory Institute. Parmanu Defence focused to provide exceptional coaching to its students and induce top results in all Defence exams.


The Parmanu Defence Campus provides unmatched infrastructure, pollution free, SSB like environment with hostel and mess facility. Our Classrooms for written coaching are air conditioned and well supported by modern Audio Visual technological aids and 24 hrs power back available at Dehradun.


Our faculty members are specially trained to understand the Parmanu Defence Academic System. We are the only institute that follows a very strong, systematic & objective selection and training process before a teacher becomes a Parmanu Defence Faculty. Parmanu Defence has a pool of very competent full time faculty ensuring you get highly effective teachers in all your subjects throughout your academic studies.

Fully Equipped Library:

On campus study/ reading rooms are available to provide students with quiet and peaceful environment, perfect for self study and preparations. These rooms are open daily till late hours.

Study Room/ Reading Room:

Homework assignments (DPPS) given to the students are checked periodically by a dedicated team of teachers. In case of any non – compliance by students, parents are informed telephonically. Individual record file is maintained for each student.

Motivational Lectures and Movies:

Parmanu Defence specializes in motivating the youth towards serving our great nation. Students interact with candidates from all over the country working towards a common goal. Motivational lectures and movies shown leave the students inspired to do something for the country and become better human beings

Discipline & Time Management

Parmanu Defence is a Defence preparatory institute with strict rules that all students must abide by. All students are expected to follow the Discipline Code and Civil Code of Conduct of Parmanu Defence, failing which they may be expelled without refunds. These guidelines enforced by the academy inculcate good values and discipline in the students. Students also learn the importance and benefits of proper time management. Very Less nos. of Holidays are observed to maintain continuity and to ensure students can focus on upcoming exam without distractions.

Physical Fitness

Only Parmanu Defence to encourage physical fitness training and various sports such as cricket, football, badminton etc. among candidates as endurance and stamina are a pre-requisite for SSB which is the next step after the exam

Exam Specific Coaching

Since exam patters vary for each examination, Parmanu Defence offers exam specific coaching for SSB INTERVIEW ,NDA, CDS, SSR , AA , AIR FORCE , AFCAT, CPF, ACC, TA , GD etc.

Doubt Removal Sessions

After a topic completion, we conduct Doubt Removal sessions for that topic. A team of dedicated assistant faculties remain available on a regular basis to solve the problems. Back up Classes are planned and arranged for specific students, according to their performance reports, to improve the performance level of such students.

Regular Test Series

We conduct Periodic test series to judge and monitor the performance and understanding levels of students. Efforts are made to simulate real exam like scenario, so as to get the students acclimatized to exam situation. Regularly appearing for tests also increases student’s speed which is extremely important aspects for all the competitive examinations.

Student Zone

We have created a zone for students online through Mobile app. As you login in this zone, you can get the full support:

  • Check your performance in Periodic Tests.
  • Download Solution of previous year papers.
  • Enquire about the course offerings from Parmanu Defence Academy

Regular Class Attendance & Result Tracking

Each student’s database is maintained which includes attendance record and result of periodic tests. Both parents & students have access to these performance sheets. All students enrolled are required to attend all classroom sessions and test series except under the most unavoidable circumstances. Information about student’s absence is provided to his or her parent through SMS or call depending upon the number of days of his / her absence. For a planned absence from any session(s), students are required to intimate the Attendance coordinator of the Academic Department. For an Unplanned absence due to illness etc, a post-factor intimation is required from the absentee students..

Homework Checking

Homework assignments given to the students are checked periodically by a dedicated team of teachers. In case of any non – compliance by students, parents are informed telephonically. Individual record file is maintained for each student.

Conceptual Problem Sheet (CPS)

CPS (Conceptual Problem Sheet) including 12 exercise sheets with 10 – 15 questions related to current and previous topic is provided to students. This ensures regular revision of previous topic and constant practice of running topic.

Interactive Classroom Sessions

The focus is on making education a two way communication process. We encourage our students to think and not just be interested in cramming a few rote concepts. We also believe in extensively covering the complete syllabus on time, so that students get sufficient time for revision. All the subjects are covered to cater student’s every requirement at school and competitive level..

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