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Officer Like Qualities Required To Clear SSB Interview

15 Officer Like Qualities

Officer Like Qualities (OLQs) represent a set of attributes. These attributes are required for an aspiring candidate to become an officer in the Indian Armed Forces. Generally, Officer Like Qualities cover various aspects of individual nature and character. And are essential for effective performance in the armed forces. In this context, we will discuss the 15 Officer Like Qualities essential to serving as an officer in the Defence Sector. 

15 Officer Like Qualities

Listed below are 15 officer-like qualities that a candidate needs to acquire to get recommended in the SSB interview and become eligible to serve in the armed forces. 

1. Effective Intelligence

Effective intelligence is used to survive in various difficult practical situations. This is different from basic intelligence, which is the ability to perceive relationships or think abstractly. Basic intelligence is assessed using intelligence tests that can be verbal or non-verbal. Effective intelligence includes practical intelligence and resourcefulness. In addition, Practical intelligence determines the ability to make independent solutions in difficult situations while resourcefulness means collecting useful resources when stuck in a tight corner. 

2. Reasoning Ability

The ability to understand important issues well and draw conclusions through rational and logical thinking. It involves receptiveness, logical reasoning, a questioning attitude, and seeing to the heart of the problem.  In addition, it determines your solving power in a limited time duration and the solution should be effective and logical. 

3. Organising Ability

It is the ability to systematically organize resources to achieve effective results. It can also be defined as the ability to use available resources to achieve a desired goal in the best possible way. Moreover, Students with higher organizational skills plan and solve complex problems very carefully without delving into details, use common sense, are original in their actions and understand quickly.

4. Expression Power 

It is the most important personality tool that assesses his ability to present ideas quite simply and clearly. In addition, Students with this quality are more precise, eloquent, strong, clear, and efficient. 

5. Social adaptability

The individual ability to adapt well to the social environment and to adapt well to individuals and social groups, especially superiors, peers and subordinates. Social adaptability includes tact, social intelligence, attitude towards others, and adaptability. In simple words, it is the ability to adjust with a special reference to the environment and showing interest in service life. 

6. Cooperation

It is the quality that defines the attitude of an individual to participate willingly in harmony with others in a group to achieve the goal of the group. It means believing that collective effort is more productive than individual effort. Cooperation implies common work and a common spirit. Group spirit expresses loyalty to the goals and objectives of the group to the extent that the individual goal is subordinated to the group goal. In addition, such people are selfless, selfless, volunteers with great enthusiasm – de corps. They are also spontaneous, philanthropic, warm-hearted, and group-oriented people.

7. Responsibility

With this, a person can be trusted and fulfil their obligations voluntarily. It includes a sense of duty but is much broader in meaning and scope. In addition, people with a higher sense of responsibility are exceptionally conscientious, loyal and respectful of authorities. They are very conscientious and go above and beyond their military duties.

8. Initiative

It is the ability to achieve purposeful action. It has the following aspects: (a) the ability to take the first steps in an unfamiliar situation. (b) In the right direction. (c) Maintain it until the goal is achieved. Additionally,  People with higher initiative show a lot of originality in their thoughts and actions. Positive self-starters never get stuck, they are hardworking, enterprising, persistent and come up with lots of fresh ideas.

9. Self Confidence

It is one of the essential qualities that is required to handle difficult situations. In addition, a person with higher self–confidence is self-reliant, composed, rationally active, has abundant faith in their abilities, and is constructive in difficulties.

10. Quick Decision Making

It is the ability to make effective decisions in tough situations. The decisions are also effective and solve complex & dynamic challenges. Moreover, people with this ability are infallible, quick, thoughtful and make sensible decisions quite quickly. They are never wavering, impulsive, hesitant or unpredictable in their decisions. 

11. Convincing Power

The ability by which an individual elicits group effort to achieve a desired goal. In addition, this influence is the main reason why the group’s willingness to cooperate and willingness to reach the set goal. Individuals with this trait are highly inspirational, possess magnetic charm, imperative, impressive, assertive, persuasive, determined, and have a remarkable ability to overcome opposition.

12. Liveliness

An individual can keep himself neat and clean and in a proper dress code during military exercises, meetings, or drills. This is one of the most essential required Officer Like Qualities that represents the uniqueness of a person. 

13. Determination

Continuous pursuit of goals despite obstacles and setbacks. It represents the persistence of purpose: mental focus and willpower. It includes: (a) Job applicant. The ability of the physical application to function. (b) Driving. The inner driving force is available to the individual. It is the ability to push yourself when under pressure and to reach a goal in a hurry. It can inspire others to take energetic action to achieve a common goal. They are firm, casual, hardworking, firm and stable, tenacious and tenacious. 

14. Courage

The ability to assess and deliberately take risks. This includes (a) the ability to face assessed threats. (b) Adventurousness, enterprise and willingness to dare or take risks. c) the ability to remain calm in adverse situations, allowing stability in facing and dealing with such situations. They are undoubtedly risk-takers, bold, aggressive, creative, brave and resourceful, with immense physical and moral courage.

15. Stamina

It determines the long-term physical and mental stress of an individual. It emphasizes durability. In addition, such persons have the physical and mental abilities of Hercules and can withstand great physical and mental stress. They are tireless, calm and very tough personalities. 


In the above context, we discussed the 15 Officer Like Qualities that are essential to becoming an officer in the Indian Armed Forces. In addition, All these qualities are checked in the SSB interview to check whether the candidate is suitable to become an officer or not.  

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