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NDA Coaching in Dehradun

NDA Coaching in Dehradun

Best NDA Coaching Institute in Dehradun

Parmanu Defence offers the best NDA coaching in Dehradun, India.

Parmanu Defence Academy is the best institute for NDA coaching in Dehradun. We have the best faculties with extensive experience in providing NDA coaching to aspirants. Our classes cover written exams, physical training, and SSB preparation. The NDA Course includes well-designed study material that systematically covers basic concepts and advanced questions. Our weekly test series helps students analyze their expertise in the subject and improve. 

Our NDA Coaching course also prepares students for medical and physical tests. We also invite guest faculties, including ex-Army, ex-Navy, and ex-Airforce officers, to provide our students with tips to crack the NDA exam. If you aspire to join the Indian forces, enrol yourself with Dehradun’s best NDA coaching institute today.

NDA Courses

At Parmanu Defence, we provide 30/42 days, four months, one year and two-year integrated courses to facilitate aspiring students for NDA coaching. Registration is open for below NDA Courses, limited seats only. Register & confirm your seat today.

Course Name : NDA Two Years Integrated Course (11th + 12th + NDA + SSB + Physical)
EligibilityTargetDurationBatch StartsOnline EnquiryOnline Enrollment
10th Passed / 11th AppearingNDA I 2024 NDA II 20252 Years15 April
15 April
01 June
01 July
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Course Name: NDA I 2024 Crash Course
EligibilityTargetDurationBatch StartsOnline EnquiryOnline Enrollment
11th Passed / 12th AppearingNDA I 2024 NDA II 20251 Year01 April
10 May
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Course Name: NDA Short Term Course (NDA + SSB + Physical)
EligibilityTargetDurationBatch StartsOnline EnquiryOnline Enrollment
12th Appearing / 12th PassedNDA I & II 20241 Year15 Sep
03 Oct
05 Nov
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Course Name: NDA I 2024 Crash Course
EligibilityTargetDurationBatch StartsOnline EnquiryOnline Enrollment
12th Appearing / 12th PassedNDA I 2024Till 18th April, 202415 Sep
03 Oct
05 Nov
03 Dec
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Course Name : NDA I 2024 Crash Course
EligibilityTargetDurationBatch StartsOnline EnquiryOnline Enrollment
12th Appearing / 12th PassedNDA I 202430/42 Days15 Dec 20 Feb
20 Mar
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Note: We also offer Winter & Summer Vacation Special 30/42 Days NDA Crash Course. Call us for details.
Date of batch commencement– Fresh batches are being started as per the above schedules & course for NDA coaching in Dehradun Centre. Students are advised to call 8445901901 or contact the enquiry counter for more details.

Course StructureMore focus on basic grammatical skills and word power building through innovative techniques.
All NDA coaching students are advised to follow daily English newspapers to improve their reading skills along with sharpening their current events knowledge.
Subjects consideredMathematics, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, History, Civics & Current Affairs
MathematicsIn our mathematics syllabus, we covered the following topics

1. Algebra
2. Trigonometry
3. Differential Calculus
4. Vector Algebra
5. Matrices and Determinants
6. Integral Calculus and Differential Equations
7. Statistics and Probability
8. Analytical Geometry of Two and Three Dimension
EnglishWe give our students personalized attention to make them easily understand the topics covered in the syllabus of English are following

1. Spotting Errors
2. Selecting Words
3. Comprehension
4. Antonyms
5. Sentence Improvements
6. Synonyms
7. Ordering of Words in a Sentence etc.

Our NDA coaching syllabus of English covered the prescribed syllabus and the previous year’s papers.
General ScienceAs per the last few years’ trends, Physics questions are conceptual

Chemistry questions are straight from NCERT books

Biology questions are factual
Under NDA coaching, general science is covered as per the prescribed syllabus and the previous year’s papers.

Physics is taught in a very easy manner by giving enough real examples so that every student (even students from non-science backgrounds) can easily understand the concept with clarity.
General KnowledgeAs per last few years’ trends

Maximum emphasis on modern History and Geography questions are conceptual.
Students need an understanding of the concept rather than mugging up the facts.
Indian Polity is more or less factual.
In the current affairs section, the maximum focus is on defence, various commissions, sports events, heads of various organizations
Even though this part is factual and needs cramming facts, we at Parmanu Defence Academy teach it in the most interactive possible way in NDA coaching classes.
For example, we try to discuss the complete story behind a historic event during history lecture instead of putting up the dry facts.

Required Documents at Time of Admission

  • Two passport size recent coloured photographs
  • Attested photocopy of class X or class XII mark sheet
  • Registration Fees

Video Explanation by Bollywood Star Amana Verma For NDA Coaching at Parman Defence Academy

Why Coaching for NDA?

Coaching can be the best tool in preparing for NDA. Here are some key points of Coaching institutes for helping you to prepare for your NDA exam.

Structured Study Material: Coaching institutes provide comprehensive study material that is specifically designed to cover all the topics required for the NDA exam ensuring that students do not miss out on any important concept. This helps students save time and avoid unnecessary study material.

Regular Mock Tests: One of the key benefits of joining coaching for NDA is the regular mock tests conducted by the institutes, essential for scoring well in the NDA exam. These tests help students assess their preparation level and work on their weak areas.

Expert Guidance: Coaching institutes have experienced faculty members who have in-depth knowledge of the NDA exam pattern and syllabus. They can guide you in the right direction and help you understand the concepts clearly. Experienced faculty members share valuable tips and strategies that can help students solve complex problems quickly and efficiently.

Time Management Skills: The NDA exam is known for its strict time constraints. Coaching institutes train students in time management skills so that they can solve questions quickly and accurately during the exam.

Personalized Attention: Coaching institutes offer personalized attention to students by conducting doubt-clearing sessions, one-on-one interactions with faculty, and regular feedback on performance.

Peer Learning: Joining a coaching institute allows students to interact with like-minded peers who are also preparing for the NDA exam. This creates a competitive environment that motivates students to work harder and excel.

Why Choose Us for NDA Coaching in Dehradun?

Parmanu Defence Academy was founded by Dr Rajesh Malhotra on 1 September 2015. We are known as India’s Best NDA Coaching Center. Choosing Parmanu Defence Academy for NDA coaching in Dehradun can be a game-changer for your NDA exam preparation.

We are confident that we can help you to achieve your dream of joining the National Defence Academy. Our Academy focuses on providing exceptional coaching to its students for all Defence exams. Parmanu Defence Academy in Dehradun is one of the top choices for NDA coaching, and here’s why:

Faculty Team: Our faculty members undergo NDA-specialized training to understand the Parmanu Defence Academic System. The institute’s faculty includes a lot of subject matter experts, retired military personnel, and accomplished educators. With a dedicated team of capable faculty members, we guarantee that highly effective instructors across all subjects will teach you throughout your academic journey.

Peaceful Environment: On our campus, there is a fully equipped library. Also, we provide our students with study/reading rooms for a quiet and calm environment. The campus provides a pollution-free atmosphere for all students. Also, The classrooms for written coaching are air-conditioned.

Motivational Lectures: For excellent preparation for the NDA Exam, Parmanu Defence Academy gives students motivational lectures and movie shows for better practical learning. In our institute, all students learn the importance of discipline and time management.

Regular Practice: We take regular tests for better performance of the students and after the test results, we conduct doubt removal sessions. Homework assignments are given to the students and are checked regularly. For revision, we gave CPS (Conceptual Problem Sheet) to our students in which 12 exercise sheets with 10-15 questions are given related to previous and current running topics.

Physical Fitness: We also focus on the physical fitness of our students by giving them proper fitness training and various sports such as badminton, football, and cricket.

Regular Attendance Record: We care about student’s safety. The database for each student is regularly updated with attendance records and results of periodic tests. Both parents and students have access to these performance sheets. Parents are notified of a student’s absence through SMS or phone call, based on the duration of the absence.

Find Our Students’ Reviews For NDA Coaching Classes

Shivkumar SharmaShivkumar Sharma
12:26 19 Mar 24
I attribute my improved performance and the loss of 8 kilograms over 8 months to the invaluable tips, tricks, and dietary advice provided by Hari sir at Parmanu Defence Academy. I am deeply grateful for their guidance. JAI HIND!
We Are CrazyWe Are Crazy
12:16 19 Mar 24
Parmanu is an exceptional institution for aspiring candidates in the Defense sector. They offer top-notch facilities and boast experienced faculty members who provide outstanding support to students.
Anannya RajoriyaAnannya Rajoriya
11:28 19 Mar 24
One statement that can be used for this location is the most difficult. Such a tight schedule in nuclear defense. Exercise and running are very difficult. if anyone wants to go
Rinku KumarRinku Kumar
06:37 19 Mar 24
No 1 defence academy in Dehradun, I hope it has a good selection rate in India. I also joined this academy in best guidance of the Col.Singh (SSB EXPERT),Subodh sir (best maths Teacher ), Abhilash sir ( GS expert) with the short trick solve any question easily and Darpan sir perfect in physicsOverall one of the best defence institutes of India .
Neeraj VarshneyNeeraj Varshney
06:04 19 Mar 24
One statement that can be used for this place is Toughest of all. So so strict schedule at Parmanu Defence. Exercise and running is too rigrous. If someone wants to go please get some friends along with you. it's a nice place to improve your overall preparation though.but the discipline level is of high level at Parmanu Defence.
Reetika GoyalReetika Goyal
11:31 17 Mar 24
The academy's emphasis on practical training scenarios greatly enhances the learning experience and they provide a perfect environment for you to learn and grow.Thank you Parmanu Defence for the perfect training in defence exams.
Arun KumarArun Kumar
12:52 14 Mar 24
I highly recommend Parmanu Defence Academy to anyone seeking top-notch training for a career in defence. The instructors are not only highly knowledgeable but also dedicated to the success of each student. The academy's emphasis on practical training scenarios greatly enhances the learning experience and they provide a perfect environment for you to learn and grow.Thank you Parmanu Defence for the perfect training in defence exams.
Muskan VarshneyMuskan Varshney
15:21 05 Mar 24
Maths sir is the best teacher in dehradun for competitive exam . I feel, he is an inspiration for the young generation. I love his teaching skill. He is fantastic person . He is more like brother than teacher. He is friendly in attitude and strict in study. Please , take admission here for successful career at PARMANU DEFENCE
Boby MathurBoby Mathur
09:13 05 Mar 24
I would highly recommend this competition education institute to any student who is serious about excelling in defence competitive exam. The quality of coaching, study materials, and faculty is excellent, and the institute offers a range of program to suit the needs of different students. Overall a nice choice at Dehradun.
Dhruv VarshneyDhruv Varshney
07:24 04 Mar 24
The behavior of all teachers at Parmanu Defence are very good and friendly. They stand with us at any kind of problem. And physical training available here for any kind of defence exam. Hostels are also available for those who want to come from far away. Great institute overall .

Tips for Choosing Best NDA Coaching Institutes In Dehradun

Choosing the right coaching institute is important as it can make a significant difference in your preparation and ultimately, your success. Here are some tips to help you select the best NDA coaching institute for you:

Research Ranking and Compare

The first step in choosing the best NDA coaching institute is to research ranking and compare the various options available to you. Look for institutes that have a good reputation, experienced faculty, and a track record of success. Compare their features, such as study materials, teaching methodology, and success rates.

Check Faculty

The faculty is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing an NDA coaching institute. The quality of the faculty members can have a significant impact on your learning experience. Make sure to check the qualifications and experience of the teachers at the institute. Experienced and knowledgeable faculty members can nourish you with valuable insights and guidance to help you excel in the exam.

Success Rate

Before selecting an NDA coaching institute, it is important to check the institute’s success rate. A high success rate indicates that the institute has a proven track record of helping students succeed in the NDA exam. You can ask for the institute’s past results or get in touch with previous students to get an idea of the institute’s success rate.

Review Study Materials

Another important aspect to think about is the study materials provided by the coaching institute. Good study materials can make your preparation more effective and efficient. Look for institutes that offer comprehensive study materials covering all the topics and sections of the NDA exam. Additionally, the study materials should be up-to-date and relevant to the current exam pattern.

Location and Infrastructure

Choose an institute that is easily accessible and has a conducive learning environment. The institute should have all the necessary facilities, such as classrooms, libraries, and study rooms, to support your preparation.

Life At Parmanu Defence Academy During NDA Coaching

About NDA Exam

NDA is known as the cradle of Military Leadership. This is a tri-service training establishment where Army, Air Force, and Navy cadets get training before moving on to their respective service academies for further commissioning training. The NDA entrance exam is held twice a year by UPSC. This exam is renowned as one of the toughest exams in India. It comprises 120 MCQs from Mathematics and 150 from General Ability. To excel in this exam, candidates must prepare for Mathematics, Current Affairs, History, Physics, Basic Geography, Chemistry, and General Awareness about India at the level of class 12th.

Full Notification NDA-2 2024

Download Full Notification NDA-2, 2024Link
Apply Online NDA- 2, 2024Link

Vacancy For NDA 2 2024

National Defence AcademyAir ForceFlying-92 (including 02 for female candidates)
Ground Duties (Tech) – 18 (including 02 for female candidates)
(Ground Duties (Non Tech) – 10 (including 02 for female candidates)
Navy42 (including 06 for female candidates)
Army208 (including 10 for female candidates)
Naval Academy (10+2 Cadet Entry Scheme)34 (including 05 for female candidates)

NDA Selection Process

Phase 1 Written Exam if NDA: 900 Marks (Conducted twice a year)

The NDA written exam consists of two papers – Mathematics and General Ability Test (GAT). Both papers are conducted on the same day, with Mathematics being held in the morning session and GAT in the afternoon session.

Mathematics Paper
  • The Mathematics paper consists of 120 objective-type questions and every correct answer contains 2.5 marks.
  • The total marks for the Mathematics paper is 300.
  • A negative marking for each wrong answer deducts 1/3rd of 2.5 means 0.83.
  • The duration of the Mathematics paper is 2.5 hours.
General Ability Test (GAT)
  • The GAT paper consists of two sections – English and General Knowledge.
  • The English section consists of 50 questions, while the General Knowledge section consists of 100 questions, every correct answer contains 4 marks.
  • The total mark for the GAT paper is 600.
  • A negative marking for each wrong answer deducts 1/3rd of 4 means 1.33.
  • The duration of the GAT paper is 2.5 hours.

Previous Years’ NDA Exam Cut-offs

YearNDA 1NDA 2
2022720 720
2021 709 719
2020 723 719

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Phase 2 

When the Result of the NDA written exam is declared. Then the SSB interview is conducted at various SSB centres in all of India for NDA candidate who clears the written exam. SSB interviews include 5 different rounds in 5 day period. Here are the detailed information about the SSB interview rounds:

1. Screening Round

The first day of the SSB process includes the Officer Intelligence test and PPT Test. Candidates who do not pass the screening test are sent back. Shortlisted candidates will continue with the SSB Interview process at the SSB centre for the next 3-4 days.

2. Psychometric Test

On the second day, candidates will undergo psychometric tests that aim to evaluate their attitudes and traits.

3. GTO Round

The Group Task Officer will guide you through a variety of activities, such as group tasks, individual tasks, extempore speaking, group discussions, and group planning. The GTO round is typically held on either day 3 or day 4 of the assessment process.

4. Interview

Interviews will be conducted individually on either day 3 or 4 according to the schedule. The interview will be a one-on-one session lasting approximately 20-30 minutes.

5. Conference

The final day of the conference includes a panel interview with the Interviewing officer, GTO, and psychologist. This is the last chance to demonstrate your full potential if you have not been able to perform at your best. The conference is considered significant for individuals who are borderline cases.

6. Result

Following the Conference interview, the outcome is announced. Candidates who are not recommended will be sent home, while those who are recommended will progress to the next stage of the Medical Examination.

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Phase 3 Medical Examination

Candidates recommended by the SSB must undergo a medical examination conducted by the Special Medical Board. The examination includes various tests such as:

  • Blood Tests and Urine Tests
  • X-ray and Ultrasound Tests
  • Ear, Nose, Throat, Eye, and Dental Tests
  • Height, Weight, Blood Pressure, and Heart Rate Test

After the mentioned tests, the candidates are declared

a. Medically Fit: Medically Fit candidates will considered for the Final Merit List.

b. Temporarily Unfit: Candidates with certain medical issues that can be addressed with treatments may request re-evaluation for medical clearance. After completion of the treatment, they may be considered medically fit and considered for placement on the Merit List.

c. Permanent Unfit: Candidates with potential permanent medical issues that cause them to be ineligible for the defence forces have the option to appeal for Re-Medical within 42 days at designated Military Hospitals.

Phase 4

The Merit List will be compiled for candidates deemed medically and physically fit for service in the forces. Placement on the list is determined by the following criteria:

  • Written Examination Score: 900 Marks
  • SSB Interview Score: 900 Marks
  • Total: 1800 Marks
  • Final Cut-Offs for Merit List: – Based on a total of 1800 Marks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the qualification for NDA?

For the Army Wing of NDA, the candidate must have a 12th passed and for Air Force and Naval Wings of NDA, the qualification of the candidate is required certificate of class 12th with Physics, Chemistry, and Maths. 

What is the NDA exam salary?

The salary of an NDA-passed Lieutenant is between INR 56,100-1,77,500 per month.

What is the NDA exam in India?

NDA is the short form of the National Defence Academy. The NDA exam is held twice a year by UPSC.

What is the NDA age limit?

Candidates must be 16.5 to 19.5 years old. They must have the certificate of class 12th.

What is the cutoff to clear NDA?

The cutoff to clear NDA is different every year.

What is the highest post in NDA?

General is the highest rank in the Indian army. Admiral in the Indian Navy and Air Chief Marshal in the Indian Air Force.

What is the lowest post in NDA?

The Lieutenant is the first post in the Indian defence forces.

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