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NDA Foundation Course

NDA Foundation Course

Best NDA School Integrated Program: Best NDA Foundation Course after 10th

NDA Foundation Course is a specialised two-year programme in Dehradun that combines NDA Foundation Coaching with Schooling, commonly known as NDA Coaching with Schooling. This course prepares students for NDA exams and their school and board exams. Students receive tutoring from top-notch professors for 11th and 12th grade as well as NDA exam preparation for two years.

For students in Class 11 and 12, Parmanu Defence Academy offers the best NDA foundation course after 10th in Dehradun. Students who desire to pursue a career in defence at India’s top defence academy, the National Defence Academy located in Khagadwasla Pune, can greatly benefit from this course, also known as the NDA Foundation Course. Along with the Schooling, the Foundation course is based on NDA Coaching at Dehradun with the school. It gives students an advantage and an understanding of the challenges that await them in a career in defence. It is a research methodology that combines academic and NDA studies. The Parmanu Defence Academy’s highly experienced teachers make the curriculum exciting and productive, enriching the knowledge, abilities, and confidence of NDA hopefuls. Hostel accommodations are also available for interested students. Separate boys and girls hostels are available at Parmanu Defence Academy.

Special Features of Our NDA Foundation Course

  • Academic Guidance at Parmanu Defence Academy is well-known for achieving the best level of achievement in the NDA Exam. Thousands of applicants have passed the NDA Exam in their 11th or 12th grade with our academic coaching which includes NDA coaching after 10th for girls. We are the only coaching in North India with the best NDA Exam success percentage.
  • Academic assistance at the Parmanu Defence Academy is offered by highly qualified professors with a minimum of 10+ years of expertise. These faculties are renowned for their creative approaches to instruction and quick, simple approaches to problem-solving.
  • In its NDA Foundation Course or NDA school integrated program, Parmanu Defence Academy offers the best study materials for the NDA Exam. Our research team has conducted significant research to provide this study material. These resources include current affairs publications, special content for SSB preparation, and books for all topic areas.
  • Without enough preparation, passing the NDA Exam is virtually difficult. The Parmanu Defence Academy conducts special mock exams for NDA exams every Saturday because they take this reality extremely seriously. Individual feedback is given to each student following each test to help them perform better.
  • Regular board exam preparation is always done in addition to NDA Exam preparation. Students frequently enrol in classes taught by the greatest and most knowledgeable lecturers in physics, chemistry, math, and other areas.

Best NDA Foundation Course in Dehradun

The NDA Coaching with Schooling in India programme prepares students for the SSB Interviews and the NDA written exam by providing theoretical and practical instruction. It also covers the subjects they need to know to pass their 11th and 12th class, with a focus on getting students to achieve more than 85% in their board exams to be eligible to take the Technical Entry Scheme (TES) SSB interviews.

Best NDA Foundation Course After 10th in Dehradun: 2 years school integrated program for NDA Exam

Our customised NDA foundation course plan places a strong emphasis on personality development workshops, seminars and classes to help students improve their communication skills. One of the subjects on which one should concentrate most in order to pass the SSB Interview is psychology.

Our instructors who provide NDA Coaching with Schooling in India adhere to the UPSC’s syllabus and rules. Following the NDA written exam, we concentrate on the SSB interview and Board Exam. To assist students track their learning, performance, and areas for improvement, our teachers give weekly examinations.

Go above and beyond by combining NDA Coaching with Schooling

An additional advantage in NDA preparation is provided by NDA Coaching with Schooling. Since its inception, NDA has been helping the country by giving Indian Defence the best cadets it can find. The esteemed institution was founded in 1952. Khadakwasala, Pune, Maharashtra is where you can find the National Defence Academy. The first Tri-Service academy in the world is the National Defence Academy. It is establishing a standard for world-class military education.

Admission Stages for NDA

Written Exam: The UPSC conduct the written test. It is for young boys and girls between the ages of 16.5 and 19.5 years. Approximately 4,25,000 students take the written exam each year. And between 7000 and 9,000 pass the written test to advance to the SSB interview. The NDA form is open twice a year, in January and in July.

SSB Interview: After passing the written exam, the SSB interview will be held. Only 500–600 out of 7000–9000 are Recommended Candidates.

Medical and Merit List: The results of the written exam and the SSB interview are used to compile the final merit list, which also includes the results of a medical examination. Only 400–450 candidates are ultimately successful in reaching NDA.

From When to Start Preparing for NDA

 The high-level exam should be prepared for from the very beginning. There is not much time for preparation due to the young age requirement and the few attempts. Additionally, you can master all the fundamentals early on. To tackle the problem, you might combine NDA coaching with academic study.

NDA Coaching with Schooling: Does It Work?

Students who struggle with the burden of commuting between two locations can benefit from the NDA Coaching with Schooling programme. The integrated programme permits NDA preparation while attending school, and exclusively during school hours.

1. Connecting with the Expert: To help students understand concepts clearly, coaches at coaching centres constantly innovate their teaching methods. Teachers of Parmanu Defence Academy are well knowledgeable in their fields.

2. Developing a daily routine for the Exam: For NDA preparation, the school offering NDA tutoring often hosts a variety of mock exams and interview sessions. The major objective is to simulate exam-like settings and train applicants to handle them. This kind of programme helps people develop their confidence.

3. Time-saving in advance: Generally speaking, it is always preferable to be prepared in advance. The person is ready for the NDA exam by the time they have finished senior secondary. This takes up less time and increases your chances of passing the test.

4. Cost-cutting option: NDA It’s always recommended to combine NDA coaching and education to improve your selection chances. A big problem is being raised by the coaching centres’ and schools’ rising fees. Integrating education reduces the cost of paying for separate coaching facilities.

5. Defence-like surroundings: The environment is quite healthy, and students tend to learn a lot at Parmanu Defence Academy because it is administered under the direction of retired military personnel.

Find Our Students’ Reviews For NDA foundation course in Dehradun

Shivkumar SharmaShivkumar Sharma
12:26 19 Mar 24
I attribute my improved performance and the loss of 8 kilograms over 8 months to the invaluable tips, tricks, and dietary advice provided by Hari sir at Parmanu Defence Academy. I am deeply grateful for their guidance. JAI HIND!
We Are CrazyWe Are Crazy
12:16 19 Mar 24
Parmanu is an exceptional institution for aspiring candidates in the Defense sector. They offer top-notch facilities and boast experienced faculty members who provide outstanding support to students.
Anannya RajoriyaAnannya Rajoriya
11:28 19 Mar 24
One statement that can be used for this location is the most difficult. Such a tight schedule in nuclear defense. Exercise and running are very difficult. if anyone wants to go
Rinku KumarRinku Kumar
06:37 19 Mar 24
No 1 defence academy in Dehradun, I hope it has a good selection rate in India. I also joined this academy in best guidance of the Col.Singh (SSB EXPERT),Subodh sir (best maths Teacher ), Abhilash sir ( GS expert) with the short trick solve any question easily and Darpan sir perfect in physicsOverall one of the best defence institutes of India .
Neeraj VarshneyNeeraj Varshney
06:04 19 Mar 24
One statement that can be used for this place is Toughest of all. So so strict schedule at Parmanu Defence. Exercise and running is too rigrous. If someone wants to go please get some friends along with you. it's a nice place to improve your overall preparation though.but the discipline level is of high level at Parmanu Defence.
Reetika GoyalReetika Goyal
11:31 17 Mar 24
The academy's emphasis on practical training scenarios greatly enhances the learning experience and they provide a perfect environment for you to learn and grow.Thank you Parmanu Defence for the perfect training in defence exams.
Arun KumarArun Kumar
12:52 14 Mar 24
I highly recommend Parmanu Defence Academy to anyone seeking top-notch training for a career in defence. The instructors are not only highly knowledgeable but also dedicated to the success of each student. The academy's emphasis on practical training scenarios greatly enhances the learning experience and they provide a perfect environment for you to learn and grow.Thank you Parmanu Defence for the perfect training in defence exams.
Muskan VarshneyMuskan Varshney
15:21 05 Mar 24
Maths sir is the best teacher in dehradun for competitive exam . I feel, he is an inspiration for the young generation. I love his teaching skill. He is fantastic person . He is more like brother than teacher. He is friendly in attitude and strict in study. Please , take admission here for successful career at PARMANU DEFENCE
Boby MathurBoby Mathur
09:13 05 Mar 24
I would highly recommend this competition education institute to any student who is serious about excelling in defence competitive exam. The quality of coaching, study materials, and faculty is excellent, and the institute offers a range of program to suit the needs of different students. Overall a nice choice at Dehradun.
Dhruv VarshneyDhruv Varshney
07:24 04 Mar 24
The behavior of all teachers at Parmanu Defence are very good and friendly. They stand with us at any kind of problem. And physical training available here for any kind of defence exam. Hostels are also available for those who want to come from far away. Great institute overall .

FAQs Related to the NDA Foundation Course

Where can I find NDA Coaching in India with Education?

Along with NDA training, Parmanu Defence Academy offers comprehensive education. Both ISC Board and CBSE Board students have options with it. Our mission is to offer high-quality instruction and goal-oriented coursework.

Do you Provide NDA Coaching After the 10th For Girls?

Parmanu Defence Academy provides NDA Coaching for girls. For more information about our facilities for female students, please contact us.

Find the Location of Parmanu Defence Academy For the NDA Foundation Course

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