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Best SSB Coaching in Dehradun

Best SSB Coaching in Dehradun

SSB Coaching

Parmanu Defence is the leading SSB coaching Institute in Dehradun, India

Union Public Service Commission releases notification for National Defence Academy and Naval Academy Examination in the month of January and July every year. 12th passed or appearing Candidates from the age group of 16 ½ to 19 ½ can apply this. A candidate must be an Unmarried male. The candidate joining National Defence Academy will undergo 4 years Educational & Military Training (3 Years at NDA & 1 Year at IMA/AFA/NA)and those joining Naval Academy will undergo 4 years B. Tech course and would be given an opportunity to join executive and technical branches of the Indian Navy subject to availability of vacancies.

After qualifying the written examination will be called for interview conducted by SSB (Service Selection Board) of Indian Army, Navy and by Air Force Selection Boards. These SSB boards select candidates for commissioned officer posts in Indian Armed Forces through SSB interviews. Thus, if you want to become an officer in Indian Army, Air Force or Navy, you must crack SSB interview. SSB interview is conducted for five days to test all Officers like Qualities in candidates.

14 Days Comprehensive Course starts on every Monday.

SSB Details

NDA / NA SSBForms- January & JuneExam-April & SeptemberAge Limit 16.5 to 19 yrsSSB (NDA –I) – August/ September/OctoberSSB (NDA –II) – January/ February/March
EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION12th passed or appearing in any stream (Like – Science & Art)
MODE OF SELECTIONWritten Examination
SSB Interview

14 DAYS SSB Coaching SCHEDULE AT Parmanu Defence

NOTE – 14 Days , 108 hrs, Intensive course starts on every Monday of the every month . student should report for admission one day before starting date.
If you are late , please call us for admission – 8445901901 or Visit our Website – www.parmanudefence.com  and take online admission.
The  SSB Interview class terms starts at 9:00 am to 5 pm. On every 12 days & Sunday special 10:00  to 4:00 pm.

DAY- 1Introduction to SSB (5 days SSB Procedure , Officer Like Qualities & PIQ form)
DAY- 2Screening
DAY-3Screening test, Mock practice and Feedback 
DAY-4Introduction to Psychological Test & Thematic Apperception Test 
DAY-5Word Association Test & SRT (Situation Reaction Test) 
DAY-6Self  Description Test & Complete Psychological Test 
DAY-7OIR , (Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning class) 
DAY-8Personal Interview Briefing  
DAY-9Mock Interview & Feedback to Student 
DAY-10Mock Interview & Feedback to Student 
DAY-11Briefing , GD and Lectureate 
DAY-12P.G.T,  H.G.T,  G.P.E, & G.O.R.   
DAY-13IO, CT, FGT and Conference  
  • MOTIVATIONAL VIDEOS & MOTIVATIONAL SPEECH BY – Retired Officer & Academic Director

Things to Carry In SSB

  • The Call Letter: The Candidate must keep at least three copies of the call-up letter. One should be in the hand at the time of the reporting at the railway station and the rest should be safe with the candidate.
  • Copy of the filled form: In some cases like TES &TGC, the Selection Boards sometimes asks for a copy or two of the online form filled with an attested photograph. Also, the candidate must be really careful in reading the instructions when filling the online application form.
  • Original Identity Proof: School/College ID cards, Government issued ID cards like PAN, AADHAR, VOTER ID, UPSC ADMIT CARD, DRIVING LICENSE are all acceptable. The candidate has to remember that their ID card must have a photo in it.
  • Educational Certificates: The candidate must have at least 4 attested copies and originals of Class 10th mark sheet + Certificate (matriculation certificate), Class 12th mark sheet + Certificate, the mark sheets of semesters they have passed during graduation and Graduation/Post Graduation degree certificate (if applicable).
  • Extra Achievements: The candidate must also carry all the original certificates along with their authenticated copies of NCC, Sports and Co-Curricular activities in which they have participated/won.
  • Photograph: The candidate should carry at least 25 passport-sized and 10 passport-sized recent photographs with them. People wearing spectacles must be wearing spectacles in their photograph. The photographs should be in either blue/white background.
  • Clothing: Three pairs of formal clothes (blazer/tie are optional) with complementing shoes, Two pairs of white shorts and T-shirts (with collar) for men and two pairs of white lower pants and T-shirts (with collar) for women. The candidate must also carry a pair of White PT/Sports shoes along with 3 pairs of white socks.
  • Other Clothing: The candidate can also bring woolen clothing with them if the weather demands. Apart from this, they should not forget civil clothing like night dress, casuals, undergarments, towels etc.
  • Miscellaneous Items: Grooming kit, slippers, bathing kit, lock and key and other items of general use should be carried. The candidate can also carry few essential medicines with them if required.
  • Uniform: A set of uniform (according to the season) and a combat dress is also required for the personnel serving in the Army/Navy/Air Force/Coast Guard.
  • Adequate Writing Material: The candidate must have at least 4 set of ball/gel point pens (black and blue) plus a writing pad for the interview process. A rough notebook/ plain white pages can also be taken along.
  • Final Check: It is important to tally up the items with that of the items mentioned in the call up letter.
  • Don’t Panic: In any case if the candidate has forgotten any of the above mentioned things, they must inform it to the authorities present in the Selection Centre. However, people at the SSBs are always happy to help. So, no need to get frantic if they forget to carry a pair of socks!!


  • It is advised that the candidate should carry all the above-mentioned certificates in originals along with their attested photocopies (at least 4). In case, the originals are with the candidate’s college/organization, they must produce a custodian certificate from the competent authorities clearly stating that they have their original certificates.
  • Kindly AVOID carrying any valuable items such as Laptops, Expensive phones, Jewelleries (of any kind). Also keep the cash to the MINIMUM. It is better to carry an ATM rather than having too much cash stashed in the wallet. Don’t forget to keep the original journey ticket(s) safe in case the candidate is appearing for the SSB for the first time.

Why Coaching for SSB?

There is a common misconception that many candidates believe that by simply studying and hearing about the SSB process, they can successfully pass the interview without additional training. Maybe this technique may work for very talented individuals, but it is still advisable for candidates to take proper training in preparation for the SSB Interview. The self-directed study can provide theoretical knowledge, but practical training is essential for achieving optimal results in the SSB Interview. The practical knowledge not only prepares the candidate mentally but also highlights the mistakes that they even know about. 

Importance of SSB Coaching

1. Personalized Guidance

One of the key reasons why SSB coaching is important is the personalized guidance and support that candidates receive during the preparation process. Skilled faculty and trainers collaborate closely with candidates to identify their strengths and weaknesses. The training program is then customized to target areas in need of improvement. This ultimately increases the candidate’s performance and confidence levels.

2. Personality Development

With academic knowledge, the SSB interview also analyzes the personality traits and behavioral patterns of the candidates. SSB coaching focuses on enhancing these factors by providing training in communication skills, decision-making abilities, leadership qualities, and emotional intelligence. Candidates learn how to project themselves confidently and effectively during the interview through various interactive sessions and role-playing exercises. This increases their chances of selection.

3. Mock Tests and Practice Sessions

SSB coaching institutes conduct regular mock tests and practice sessions to make the actual SSB interview scenario. This realistic experience helps candidates familiarize themselves with the format of the selection process. By participating in mock tests, candidates can work on their communication skills, body language, and problem-solving abilities, which are essential for success in the SSB interview. 

4. Time Management and Stress Management

SSB coaching institutes teach candidates valuable time management and stress management techniques that are required for performing well under pressure. By learning how to prioritize tasks, stay organized, and stay calm during stressful situations, candidates can perform their best in the SSB interview with a positive mindset.

Why Choose Us for SSB Coaching?

Parmanu Defence Academy is known for the Best SSB Coaching in India. As well as the Best SSB coaching in Dehradun. 

Highly Experienced Faculty Team:  Our faculty team has ex-servicemen and retired military officers who are highly experienced. We are the only institute that follows a systematic & very strong selection and training process for the recruitment of faculty teachers. 

Infrastructures: At Parmanu Defence Academy, we provide our students with a pollution-free, SSB-like environment. The classrooms for written coaching are air-conditioned. Also, the hostel and mess facility is available here.

Study Area: Parmanu Defence Academy provides a fully equipped library that is open daily till late hours. Also, Reading rooms are available to provide candidates with a quiet environment for study which helps them to focus more. 

Physical Fitness: To clear SSB physical fitness is also an important factor. We focus on the physical fitness of our students to make them ready to clear the interview. We gave them the training for obstacle tasks. This helps the candidate to perform well in SSB. 

Find Our Students’ Reviews For SSB Coaching Classes

Shivkumar SharmaShivkumar Sharma
12:26 19 Mar 24
I attribute my improved performance and the loss of 8 kilograms over 8 months to the invaluable tips, tricks, and dietary advice provided by Hari sir at Parmanu Defence Academy. I am deeply grateful for their guidance. JAI HIND!
We Are CrazyWe Are Crazy
12:16 19 Mar 24
Parmanu is an exceptional institution for aspiring candidates in the Defense sector. They offer top-notch facilities and boast experienced faculty members who provide outstanding support to students.
Anannya RajoriyaAnannya Rajoriya
11:28 19 Mar 24
One statement that can be used for this location is the most difficult. Such a tight schedule in nuclear defense. Exercise and running are very difficult. if anyone wants to go
Rinku KumarRinku Kumar
06:37 19 Mar 24
No 1 defence academy in Dehradun, I hope it has a good selection rate in India. I also joined this academy in best guidance of the Col.Singh (SSB EXPERT),Subodh sir (best maths Teacher ), Abhilash sir ( GS expert) with the short trick solve any question easily and Darpan sir perfect in physicsOverall one of the best defence institutes of India .
Neeraj VarshneyNeeraj Varshney
06:04 19 Mar 24
One statement that can be used for this place is Toughest of all. So so strict schedule at Parmanu Defence. Exercise and running is too rigrous. If someone wants to go please get some friends along with you. it's a nice place to improve your overall preparation though.but the discipline level is of high level at Parmanu Defence.
Reetika GoyalReetika Goyal
11:31 17 Mar 24
The academy's emphasis on practical training scenarios greatly enhances the learning experience and they provide a perfect environment for you to learn and grow.Thank you Parmanu Defence for the perfect training in defence exams.
Arun KumarArun Kumar
12:52 14 Mar 24
I highly recommend Parmanu Defence Academy to anyone seeking top-notch training for a career in defence. The instructors are not only highly knowledgeable but also dedicated to the success of each student. The academy's emphasis on practical training scenarios greatly enhances the learning experience and they provide a perfect environment for you to learn and grow.Thank you Parmanu Defence for the perfect training in defence exams.
Muskan VarshneyMuskan Varshney
15:21 05 Mar 24
Maths sir is the best teacher in dehradun for competitive exam . I feel, he is an inspiration for the young generation. I love his teaching skill. He is fantastic person . He is more like brother than teacher. He is friendly in attitude and strict in study. Please , take admission here for successful career at PARMANU DEFENCE
Boby MathurBoby Mathur
09:13 05 Mar 24
I would highly recommend this competition education institute to any student who is serious about excelling in defence competitive exam. The quality of coaching, study materials, and faculty is excellent, and the institute offers a range of program to suit the needs of different students. Overall a nice choice at Dehradun.
Dhruv VarshneyDhruv Varshney
07:24 04 Mar 24
The behavior of all teachers at Parmanu Defence are very good and friendly. They stand with us at any kind of problem. And physical training available here for any kind of defence exam. Hostels are also available for those who want to come from far away. Great institute overall .

SSB Selection Process

After clearing the exams such as CDS, AFCAT, etc. The SSB interview is conducted for the passed candidates. To become an Army, Navy, and Air Force officer the candidate has to pass the SSB interview. In which the candidate performs different tasks every day. For an aspiring candidate, It is important to know about the SSB 5-day interview process. Here we are going to discuss the 5-day SSB interview procedure.


Interviewers of SSB have to report to the mentioned SSB center on DAY 0. As mentioned in call letters, They can directly report on DAY 1 if they want or also can report a day earlier. Candidates are taken to the SSB centers by military vehicles. After this, the SSB center allotted them their temporary chest numbers. Rest candidates who are coming on screening day are allotted chest numbers on the same day. Candidates are addressed by their chest numbers at the SSB Center. 


In screening tests there are a few activities included:

1. OIR Test: Officer’s Intelligence Rating (OIR) Test. It is the test for checking the level of intelligence and competence of the candidate. It is a verbal and non-verbal test. There is no negative marking in OIR.

2. PPDT: Picture Perception and Discussion Test (PPDT). In this test, a random picture is shown to the candidates and they write a brief story on it. After that, a group discussion is conducted. Each candidate has to take part in it and discuss their stories.

Result of Screening: After the PPDT result, all the candidates are gathered in one place with their chest numbers. Selected candidates are called one by one. A new chest number has been allotted to the selected candidates. Non-selected candidates are dropped back at the railway station or bus stand. 


On the second day of the SSB interview, a psychology test is conducted. There are Four activities in this test:

1. TAT: In the Thematic Apperception Test (TAT), 11+1 pictures will be shown to the candidates where 11 pictures are with the theme and the last one will black picture. The picture will be displayed for 30 seconds and candidates have to imagine a story and write it in 4 minutes on each of the 12 pictures. 

2. WAT: In the Word Association Test or WAT 60 words will be shown to candidates. Candidates have to write a complete sentence on it in under 15 seconds. After 15 seconds, a new word will appear on the screen. 

3. SRT: In the Situation Reaction Test (SRT), the candidate has 30 minutes to write their response on a booklet where 60 different situations are given. 

4. SD: Self Description (SD) means the candidates have to write about themself according to the opinion of their parents, friends, teachers, and themself. For this task, 15 minutes are allotted to the candidates. 


The GTO task will be conducted on days 3 and 4. Where the candidate has to pass the mentioned tasks:

1. Group Discussion (GD)

2. Group Planning Exercise (GPE)

3. Progressive Group Task (PGT) and Half Group Task (HGT)

4. Individual Assessments:

  • Command Task (CT)
  • Individual Obstacles Task (IOT)
  • Snake Race
  • Individual Lecturette
  • Final Group Task (FGT)


During the SSB board conference, each candidate will engage with all board members. They can expect to answer general questions about their experience and what they have learned. The purpose of the conference is to determine if the candidate is suitable to be recommended as an officer in the Indian defense forces. the questions last 1-2 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions for SSB

Where is Your Academy?

Parmanu Defence Academy is addressed at 151 Doon Vihar, Jakhan Rajpur Road, Dehradun-248001 Uttarakhand.

When do I report?

The candidate has to report on the date mentioned in the call letter. Usually, Day 0 is the reporting day but if candidates want, they can report on Day 1 of the SSB exam. 

Does SSB require coaching?

Yes, to pass the SSB interview it is mostly advisable to join coaching institutes. You will gain practical knowledge in SSB coaching institutes which increase your chances of clearing the interview.

Can Parmanu Defence Academy help improve my chances of success in the interview?

With the highly experienced faculty team, Parmanu Defence Academy assures you of a successful career in SSB. In our 14 days of SSB schedule, we will teach you about every single thing about SSB.

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